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Contest of “The Holy and Precious in Russia”

The Research Service “Environment” presents the All-Russian Contest of “The Holy and Precious in Russia”

What is the most precious and priceless, which causes the heart to be filled with warmth, and that is sacred and inviolable? Each person has his eyes on it, and that is what we want to see in your photos. Our competition was created in order to show the picture of the variety of sacred and valuable assets of the Russians. Any person who enjoys photography as a professional or amateur can take part in the photo contest. We want this contest to be an event in which people can take part even in the most remote corners of our country, people of different nationalities, beliefs and religions. Each week you will see the best pictures by members of our communities on Facebook, Twitter, and Vkontake, and the winners will be presented at exhibitions in Moscow.

For the conditions of participation, the timing of the competition, and the requirements for work, please see below.

Conditions of participation

Eligible to take part are citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens;

– From one person, total shall not exceed 5 photos;

– Project organizer reserves the right to choose pictures that can take part in the project, as well as to determine the nomination to photography;

– The participant cannot remove / replace a photo after it is approved by the moderator;

– Winners of the project will be determined by a jury via secret ballot;

– The work will only be accepted from photos by the authors or their authorized representatives;

– Photo collages are not accepted;

– In the photo contest one may have a series of photos or a single photo;

– The authors taking part in the contest broadcast rights to use photos to Research Service, and “Wednesday (Среда)” (in order to organize, conduct and further promote the contest);

– Research Service, and “Wednesday” undertakes to respect the author of each photograph – any use of photos will indicate the author;

– All photos are involved in the exhibition, published in the online image bank www.sreda.org, in publications by Research Service “Environment” and in the media with attribution;

– Deadline extended for photos to before November 1

Nominations and awards

First prize of the jury, “Holy and Precious in Russia” – 50 000 rubles

Second Prize – 10 thousand rubles

Preliminary nomination (as a series, and individual photos)

Holy Unexpected

For this I am ready to die


Faith and Religion

God is present everywhere

Photo requirements

– Photos submitted by e-mail to info@sreda.org.

– Pictures in the contest with a signature cannot participate in the project;

– Use of a photo editor is permitted but not encouraged;

– The selections of photographs that are preferred images are minimally processed by graphic editors;

– File format JPEG, no more than 5 MB.

– The image size of 600 × 600 (each of the parties shall be at least 600 pixels) up to 2560 × 1920 pixels (each side must be less than the specified size). If the photo will be among the potential winners, be prepared to send it with the maximum resolution.

– Images sent by mail, must be recorded on CD in the highest possible resolution. Optionally, you can make your photos printed.

– All photos must be accompanied by information (full name of the author, year of birth, home address, zip code, phone, e-mail, name, photograph, description, date taken).

As for the partnership in the photo contest “The Holy and Precious in Russia,” write info@sreda.org

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 Общероссийский Фотоконкурс. Святое и ценное в России