Media Partners

  • SciPeople.Ru

    SciPeople.Ru is a scientific network for scientists and students, that is, both those who have already contributed to science, as well as those who are just going to do it. The main objective of this project is to create a modern information environment for scientists. The project is based on the search of scientific publications made in Russia.
    Project Coordinator is Michael Samohvalov.

  • Cogita!ru

    The information-analytical portal “Cogita!ru. Social Media of the North-West” was created for the impartial information about the events of the social life of the North-West of Russia, coverage of all possible forms and types of civic and social activity in St. Petersburg and North-West, public statements on matters of social concern, and not just by opinion leaders, but the widest possible range of people.
    The chief editor of the portal is Tatyana Kosinova.

  • Religious Studies

    Religious Studies is an open research social community for researchers, postgraduate students and students. The main aim of this project is to accumulate the finding in this sphere and to give a thorough description of this sphere. In this community one can find information on religious studies, sociology of religion, psychology of religion and other research that are connected to religious studies.

  • Scientific theological portal Bogoslov.Ru

    The main purpose of the portal Bogoslov.Ru is a consolidation of the creative theological forces within the framework of research and educational projects of the portal, as well as full information support for research and teaching in the field of religious education and church science.
    The chief editor of the portal is an archpriest Pavel Velikanov.

  • Center for the Study of Religion and Secularism

    The purpose of the research center is to collect and analyze data on religious groups and movements that exist in contemporary Russia and outside the country, in the Russian diasporas. Its mission is to produce academic knowledge about religion, being objective.
    The head of the Centre is Jeanne Kormina, associate professor at the department of Humanities of the faculty of sociology in the Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg)