Jurors of the Research Contest for young scientists “Faith and Religion in Contemporary Russia”

  • John P. Burgess

    James Henry Snowden Professor of Systematic Theology at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (Pittsburgh, USA).

    Research interests: theology of Karl Barth, Orthodox Church in Post-Communist Russia, Protestant Church in Post-Communist Eastern Germany etc.

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  • Irina Kargina

    Associate professor of sociological department at the faculty of International journalism in MGIMO University (Moscow).
    Research interests: sociology of religion, sociology of culture, sociology of organizations.

  • Jeanne Kormina

    Associate professor at the department of Humanities of the faculty of sociology in the Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg)
    Research interests: anthropology of religion, the cult of saints in the Orthodox Church, pilgrimages, folk Orthodoxy

  • Remir Lopatkin

    Honorary Chairman of the Research Committee “Sociology of Religion” of the Russian Society of Sociologists, member of the Board of Directors of the International Religious Liberty Association, Honorary professor of higher professional education of the Russian Federation, Honorary scientist of the Russian Society of Sociologists

    Research interests: sociology of religion, methodology and methods, research in confessional field, the problem of Protestantism in Russia, problems of inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations

  • Sonja Luehrmann

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology in Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, Canada)

    Research Interests: Russia/Soviet Union; atheism and secularism; Orthodox Christianity; interreligious relations; pedagogy and technologies of ideological transmission; gender and the politics of reproduction; visual and archival methods; history of anthropology, anti-abortion activism in the post-Soviet Russian Orthodox Church, the relationship between sensory impressions and ethical ideas in Orthodox Christian prayer.

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  • Igor Ryazantsev

    Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University (Moscow, Russia)
    Research interests: sociology of orthodoxy

  • Mikhail Smirnov

    Associate Professor of philosophy of religion and religious studies of the faculty of philosophy at St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg, Russia)
    Research interests: methodology of modern religious studies, sociology of religion, social mythology.

  • Mikhail Tarusin

    Sociologist, political scientist and publicist. Since 2004 he has headed the sociological department in the strong>Institute of Public Projects
    Research interests: The stratification of contemporary Russian society, the issues of social development, political sociology, electoral behavior, the development of outlook of different social groups in society, formation of the middle class, development of private enterprise in Russia, sociology of religion, development of the elite in Russia, issues of national identity and outlook and etc.

  • Gregory Freeze

    Professor of History at Brandeis University (Waltham, Massachusetts, US), Center Associate at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies (Harvard University).
    Expertise: Modern Russian, Soviet, and post-Soviet history, with a particular focus on religious and social history.
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  • Nikolay Shaburov

    Ph.D. in Cultural Sciences, professor, director of the Center for Religious Studies
    Research interests: early Christianity, gnosticism, antique hermeticism, contemporary Russian Orthodoxy.

  • Marianne Shakhnovich

    Professor at the department of Philosophy of religion and religious studies, faculty of Philosophy of St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg)
    Research interests: philosophy of religion, the theoretical and methodological problems of religion, the history of social thought