Test «Internal Citizenship»

The game "Internal citizenship" is based on the large-scale sociological studies - The European Values ​​Study (www.europeanvaluesstudy.eu). It was initiated by European scientists in the late 1970s. The project has affected all aspects of life - family, work, religion, politics, society. Polls in the various countries of Europe were held in 1981, 1990, 1999. In 2008, the survey was conducted in 47 countries and regions. In total, surveyed more than 70,000 people.

The principle of the test is simple: as a result of the test, you get a virtual 'passport' of the country, whose citizens have answered the questions as well as you do. This is a good opportunity to test your own identity , compare your sense of self with the consciousness of Europeans from different countries.

Good luck!

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  1. Attending demonstrations
  2. Confidence in Government
  3. Confidence in political parties
  4. Confidence in the United Nations Organization
  5. Confidence in the justice system
  6. Confidence in the health care system
  7. Confidence in the armed forces
  8. Confidence in the church
  9. Interest in politics
  10. Participation in elections
  11. Belief in God
  12. Importance of God
  13. Interest in the sacred or supernatural
  14. Religious services: attend at least once a week
  15. Can connect to the divine without churches or religious services
  16. Importance of leisure time
  17. Importance of work
  18. Important in a job: good pay
  19. Job satisfaction
  20. Job: work is a duty towards society
  21. Alright to live together without being married
  22. Duty towards society to have children
  23. Important to learn at home: religious faith
  24. Pre-school child suffers when mother works
  25. Rising number of immigrants threat to society
  26. Feeling that people can be trusted
  27. Justifiable: abortion
  28. National pride
  29. Belief that nature can cope with impact of modern industrial nations
  30. Not as a neighbour: homosexuals
  31. Justifiable: officials accepting a bribe
This test works on the data from European Values Study