"Where do you live in Russia?" Game

We offer you the game "Where do you live in Russia?" which continues the thematic study of the inner identity. The game is based on data from the research project "Atlas of Religions and Nationalities of the Russian Federation" (an all-Russia survey, representative of the subjects of Russia, 56,900 respondents, 2012)

After answering 24 questions, you will see the coat of arms of the Russian region whose residents have answered these questions the most similar to you.

In which Russian regions should you go to meet the most like-minded people? We wish you success, good luck!

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  1. I donate to help other people, practice charity
  2. I personally have encountered miracles, inexplicable phenomena
  3. I would like to have a lot of children
  4. I am parishioner (in involved the community life, community of fellow believers)
  5. I trust the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church
  6. I'm a lonely person
  7. I am able to conduct independent business, start a new business
  8. I am a happy person
  9. I am cautious towards migrant workers (people of other nationalities, who come in search of work)
  10. Those who profess a different religion than me commit a sin
  11. I observe as many religious precepts as possible (according to my religion)
  12. I am capable of sacrificing personal well-being for the sake of higher goals to
  13. I trust others
  14. I confess once a month or more
  15. I would like to live in another country
  16. I'm willing to participate in civil, voluntary, social work
  17. I love Russia
  18. Religion plays an important role in my life
  19. I support traditional family foundations, where the man is the head of the family
  20. I believe in omens, divination, and fate
  21. I pray every day; I read prayers or use my own words
  22. I have read the gospel
  23. I respect the law and always abide by it
  24. I would like to believe in God more than I believe now