“Faith and religion in contemporary Russia”: getting acquainted with the authors of the contest papers

Дата публикации: 11/12/2013

As we have already written before, we received 173 entry papers for the contest. Many of the research papers were written individually, and some of them were written in a group of 2-3 people. There were 181 participant on the whole. Who are these people, what do we know about them? Which cities are they from, how old are they, where do they work and study? We start answering these and moe questions.

In the contest papers we have predominantly women’s outlook on religious topic: 70% of the authors are girls and only 30% are boys. According to the Rules and Regulations for the Research Contest for young scientists, the sontest participants should be up to 33 years old. Nevertheless, the age of the participants who expressed a desire to participate in the contest, varies from 17 to 59 years: both schoolchildren and the elderly people sent their papers. We can say that the contestants are mostly young people aged 19-25 years. Most papers were received from 20-22-year-old authors.



As for the participants’ geography, that was identified by their place of living, it is very wide. This fact suggests that the contest is really all-Russian, and it proved its name – “Faith and religion in contemporary Russia“. Representatives of 62 cities and 47 subjects of the Russian Federation took part in the contest. Top five leading cities by the number of participants is as follows:
1. Moscow
2. St. Petersburg
3. Krasnoyarsk
4. Kazan
5. Belgorod and Tambov

Prepared by Ksenia Medvedeva