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Suggestions? Diplomas! Contest news

Дата публикации: 11/29/2013

Dear participants, scientific advisors and readers! Thanks to everyone who followed the contest “Faith and religion in contemporary Russia”!

The contest is coming to an end, soon the winners, special prize holders and happy owners of print publication will be announced prize! So we have two news for you.


We ask everyone to send their comments, suggestions or comments on the organization of the contest. The winners are already chosen, so be bold:) Your advice and new ideas will be useful to us, so that next time we could organize it even better! What did you like? What didn’t you like? What new projects would you like to join? Are you a scientific advisor who has something to speak out? Please, send any ideas here =>


A nice surprise! All the participants will get diplomas, all scientific advisors will receive acknowledgements! If you want to get your diploma by post, please send us the address (including zip code). Dear participants, please also send the address of the department, where we can sent acknowledgements to your scientific advisors. Do not forget to specify the zip code and “To” field. Please, write here =>

You can ask your questions at 8 968 542 08 42,, Ksenia Medvedeva