Three-quarters of Russians believe that Russian Orthodoxy is necessary in Russia


Most Russians believe that Russian Orthodoxy is necessary in Russia. More often Orthodox people, pensioners, women and residents of the Central Federal District agree with this statement.

Три четверти россиян считают, что православие необходимо России sreda.orgMoscow, 16th July 2014. 28th July Russian Orthodox Church celebrates memory of Prince Volodymyr, who christened Russia in year 988. On June 1, 2010 by the decree of President Dmitry Medvedev 28th July was stated as the Epiphany Day of Russia. Research Service “Sreda” is announcing what Russians think about necessity of Orthodoxy for our country.

In the survey, 74% of Russians agreed with the statement “Orthodox Church is necessary for Russia” (31% totally agree, 43% tend to agree). 7% disagree with this statement (4% strongly disagree, 3% rather disagree), 19% more in some points agree, in others don’t agree. It is interesting that none of the respondents refused to answer this question. Often completely agree with the statement “Russia needs Orthodox Church ” – Orthodox Russians: 47% totally agree among Orthodox and 31% in Russia on the whole. Also residents of the Central Federal District tend to agree completely (43%), those living in Moscow (41%) and the residents of “millionaire – cities” (40%). The highest percentage of those who completely disagree is among atheists (9% among atheists and 3% is average percentage in Russia).

While more often man did not agree or tend to disagree with the given statement (amount of 10%) or doubt (23%), women, on the contrary, more often fully agree or tend to agree (amount of 80%). Age and education do not affect the respondents’ answers, only in the group of Russians with specialized secondary education more of those who do not agree ** with necessity of Orthodox Church for Russia (9%). As per type of occupation, managers often deny this statement (13%), and non-working pensioners often take it (81%).

Citizens with the lowest salaries in the country – less than 4,000 rubles – more often doubt answering that in some points they agree, in other points disagree with the statement «Orthodox Church is necessary for Russia» (24%). Citizens with earnings from 4000 to 20000 rubles more often agree with the statement (around 80%). Answers of Russian citizens with incomes above 20000 do not differ from the average features. It is interesting that respondents who didn’t provide their monthly income more often disagree with the statement (13%).

Responses of residents of Moscow and other millionaire cities do not differ from other Russians much. In cities with the population from 250 thousand to 1 million peopl more of those who disagree that Orthodox Church is important (12%), in the countryside, on the opposite, more of those who agree (80%). Only answers of residents of Central Federal Districts differ from the most common answers, where there are less of those who doubt (14%) and more people who agree with the statement (78%).

Finally, the most significant differences are demonstrated among groups divided by confessions. While in Russia the average number of those who disagree is 7% of citizens, in the group of atheists the number is 22% and 39% more disagree at some points, in others don’t. Among orthodox citizens, who belong and who do not belong to Russian Orthodox Church, the amount of those who disagree – 2% in each of these two groups, and percentage of those who are confident about necessity of Orthodoxy – 91% and 90% respectively. It is noticeable that among Islamic citizens only 1 % disagree with the given statement, 33% agree with some points and disagree with others, the rest 65% agree.

We can also note that the percentage of Russians who think that “Russia needs Orthodox Church” practically didn’t change over the 2 previous years. In 2012 the amount of those who agree was 73%, in 2014 — 74%.

Nation-wide representative surveys in 2012 and 2014. Sample: 1500 respondents aged 18 years. The survey was conducted by the research service “SREDA” (Fieldwork: Public Opinion Foundation). The exact questions are «Rate how much you agree with the above statement” Russia needs Orthodox Church» (Answers: “Yes, I agree,” “Tend to agree”, “Agree with some points, disagree with others,” “Rather disagree”, “No, I totally disagree”).*Here and henceforth, unless otherwise stated, the percentage of those who completely agree and those who tend to agree is summed, also the percentage of those who absolutely disagree and tend to disagree.

** Here and henceforth in brackets is indicated the percentage of those who agree or disagree with the statement in the given group.

Photo: Anna Dovgal, semifinalist of the project “Local relics”

The text was prepared by Maria Kuzmicheva,

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