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List of contest papers received for the contest “Faith and religion in contemporary Russia”

Дата публикации: 10/31/2013

As we have written before, we have over 100 papers for the contest. On October 25 we got the last paper. Thus there are 173 contest papers to compete for the prizes.

дерево4Which topics are interesting to young researchers? What becomes the subject of their research? The list of papers submitted to the contest will help to answer this question.

About an electronic catalog of copies of Abalaksky icon of Mother of God “The Omen”
Abstracts from the forum by father Andrey Kuraev
Activities of child folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Oktay” in the preservation of spiritual verses of the Old Believers of Tuva
Activities of the Vologda Regional Youth Public Movement “Favor”
Age and gender characteristics of psychological readiness for change of religion in a multi-ethnic region
Aphoristic diaries of St. John of Kronstadt (Sergiev) 1856-1858s.
Ark of the Covenant
Assessing the impact of spiritual and moral potential of employees on the results of their work
Attitude of sportsmen of Moscow State University to religion
Attitude of the inhabitants of the city of Ivanovo to social service of the Russian Orthodox Church
Attitudes of young people of the South of Russia to the representatives of various religious denominations
Being a Muslim in modern Russia
Burial rite in Zoroastrianism in modern Russia: the structural-functional approach
Center for Multicultural Education of Children and Adolescents
Changing of the quantitative and qualitative composition of religious organizations in Smolensk region in late XX – early XXI centuries
Chanting the holy name of Krishna in the songs of Soviet and Russian secular musicians
Church choir as a segment of church environment
Church schism in Russia: political and legal basis
Church’s role in modern life: a view of modern Russian literature
Cognitive component of religiosity of young people
Confessional peculiarities of value-semantic component of religiosity
Connection and difference between the concepts faith and religion. Their significance and assessment of dominance in modern Russia. Correct way to solve this problematic dominance
Construction of religious identity in the religious organization “Church of the Last Testament”
Correlation of faith and religion of a person with a disability with his identity and social behavior
Costume of Old Believers of Tuva as a factor of self-identity
Creative biography of Andrey Verkhotin, iconographer, sculptor, teacher
“Cult of Saints” as a form of popular Muslim religiosity
Cults of health. New religious urban practices
Deal with God: a cultural code of religion in post-Soviet Buryatia
Depth of religious motivation, psychological well-being and social desirability in the Seventh Day Adventist
“Diakonovskaya Polyana”: the modern incarnation of the lost temples
Dialectic interaction of the divine and human nature in Christianity
“Durer is not Sorbonne? .. ” Free interpretation of images and picture comments to engraving «Melencolia I».
Effect of archetypal Christian values on the mass consciousness of contemporary Russian society
Evolution of marketing of new religious movements in post-Soviet Russia (on materials from Chelyabinsk region)
Faith and professional activities. Connection in the modern world .
Faith and religion in modern Russia: Old Believer communities in the space of the metropolis (on the example of St. Petersburg)
Faith in the postmodern era
Faith, religion, religiosity, their role in the understanding of happiness and its achievement: a view of students from “post-Soviet” space
Faith-based stereotypes as a way of self-identification (Old Believers and Protestants in the perception of modern peasants of Arkhangelsk region)
Family practices of forming religiosity in modern Muslim youth
Fear of death: attitude of believers and non-believers
Female leader and a woman pastor in the modern Charismatic churches (on the example of the youth ministry of the church “Word of Life”)
Female religious extremism in Islam
Formation of Evangelical Baptists subculture on the example of the Tambov region
Forms and methods of spiritual and moral education of younger schoolchildren in modern spiritual-educational centers
Fundamentals of Orthodox culture and the formation of tolerant person
Geniuses of metal: spirituality and commerce
History of the Russian Orthodox church on the example of church history of Yelets city
Impact of globalization on Islam and the Muslim world
Influence of religiosity on political participation in modern Russia (quantitative analysis)
Influence of religious outlook on the economic behavior of the individual in the condition of post-crisis development of the regions
Influence of the Russian Orthodox Church on the formation of value orientations of contemporary Russian youth
Influence of the Russian Orthodox Church on the mentality of contemporary Russians in post-secular era (based on Russian Internet materials)
Intellectual spirituality” as a kind of secular spirituality
Interaction of Law and Religion
Interaction of religious organizations with public authorities: its state and problems (on the example of Krasnodar Region)
Internet space and pseudo-religious activity in Russia
Islam in modern Russia
Islam in the regional dimension
Islamophobic discourse in modern Russia
Kazan Icon Mother of God Temple in the village of Klyuch
Legal and religious responsibility
Level of religiosity and “votserkovlyonnost” of the youth of Saratov Archdiocese
Level of religiosity in the Central Federal District (on materials of Orel and Kursk regions)
Life of Muslims and Islamophobia in the capital of Tatarstan: Empirical studies
“Life” of Orthodox churches in the opinions, views, estimates of citixens of small towns of the Kola Peninsula
Local religious organizations of the Russian Orthodox Church – “believing families”
Markers of sacred space in the spiritual culture of the Old Believers: on the example of revered sites of Belokrinitsky consent in Western Siberia in the late XX – early XXI centuries
Martial Arts as a conductor of Eastern spiritual teachings and practices in modern Russia
Media image of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Russian media in 2012
Metaphysical belief in man: Russia’s future
Modern problems of ethnic and religious identity in the Northern Caucasus
Modern religious beliefs of the Tuvintsy (on the example of Verhneusinskoe selo and Nizhneusinskoe selo in Krasnoyarsk region)
Modern view on the issue of religion in the USSR
Modernization of Russia as a factor of religious tolerance (on materials of the XVIII century.)
Morality and the feeling of guilt of believers
Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy: history and present-day situation
My attitude to religion
National Organization of Russian Muslims: history and ideology of the movement
Neopaganism in modern Russia: causes and characteristics of its development
New forms of religious and non-religious spirituality in Russia
Not-God and non-human: Implementation of modern representations of Jesus Christ in netlore (based on the genre of “pirozhki-poems”)
Old Believers in the Orenburg region
On the opposition of Orthodoxy and Atheism in modern Russia
On the problem of the Orthodox religion in Russia
On the question of the origin and development of the Tolstoyans movement in Russia in late XIX – early XX centuries.
Organization of hospital churches and prayer rooms in health care facilities of Belgorod region
Orthodox identity in modern Russia: a text analysis of interviews about faith
Orthodox religion as a system of perception on the example of studying participation in the church wedding ceremony
Orthodox religion in prison settings (on the example of religious communities in prisons of Kazan in 2013)
Orthodox religion in Russia
Orthodox religion in the USSR. 1945-1985. (based on the materials from Penza region)
Orthodox religiosity among the youth of the region
Orthodoxy and social life: a sociological analysis
Orthodoxy in Russia: “test of strength”
Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Democracy: axiological perspective
Paganism in the culture system of the Mari
Paganism in the past and present
Parascientific and quasi-religious discourses in the Russian printing press: discourse analysis of the materials of the newspaper “Arguments and Facts”
Peculiarities of consumer behavior depending on the level of “votserkovlennost”
Peculiarities of ethno-religious and civic identity of adherents of Korean Protestant organizations in St. Petersburg
Peculiarities of religious component in youth identity
Peculiarities of religious preferences of young people (on materials of sociological research in the Altai Region)
Peculiarities of writing on religious subjects in the regional media (on press materials of the Altai Region)
Perception of the human body by unbelieving and believing youth on the example of young people in Kazan
Policy of formation of freedom of conscience in the modern Russian school education as a basis for upbringing of a new Russian citizen
Politics and Faith: A Course of Truth and Unity
Positioning of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia today
Post-secular society in the modern Russian reality
Practices of collective and individual prayers of Old Believers of Verhokamye region
Problems of legal protection of morals in the Russian Federation and the experience of the Belgorod region
Process of “votserkovlenie” as a sociological phenomenon
Processes of emergence of new forms of religious practices on the example of Pentecostal Charismatic community
Rating destructiveness of nontraditional religious organizations based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
Reflection of the religious life of the Krasnoyarsk region in the media at the present stage: 1991-2011s.
Religion and faith with my eyes
Religion and religiosity of modern youth (on the example of Belgorod State University)
Religion as a factor of correction of the prisoned on the example of the Association of Siberian prison ministers in Krasnoyarsk
Religious dogmatism and critical thinking: Contemporary Issues
Religious education as a factor of social stability in Russia
Religious holidays of Russians in the diaspora
Religious ideas about the Creator of the world in the traditional ethnic culture of the Nanais and the Nivkhs
Religious identity of citizens: the juridical aspect
Religious literature of “orthodox” extremists in modern Russia
Representation of the “sacred” in the everyday practices of the peasantry
Representation of the subjects of Christianity in television news stories (on the example of secular and religious TV-channels)
Research and analysis of quantitative and qualitative aspects of religion of different groups of the population aged 18 to 35 years
Research experience of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Revival of fraternal life in Russia (on the example of the Orthodox Brotherhood “Sacred deed”, Krasnoyarsk)
Russian Orthodox youth: a psychological analysis of religiosity
Sealed book
Seasonal festivals as a unifying motive of people of different faiths
Secular and everyday life. Religious perspective of the “secular”: discourse, representations, practices
Service of the Russian Orthodox Church in prison
Social characteristics of the Karma Kagyu Buddhist community (based on a survey of the Buddhist sangha in Blagoveschensk)
Social portrait of Adventist Church Seventh-day community members in Blagoveshensk
Social programs of religious organizations in the field of public hearings
Social responsibility of politicians for the philosophy of city development
Social Service of the Russian Orthodox Church in St. Petersburg
Sociological analysis of the Orthodox religious youth (on the example of students in Orel region)
Some aspects of codification of the phenomenon of the modern Slavic paganism based on field studies
Some features of gastronomic practices among the followers of the Hare Krishna community in St. Petersburg. Sociological analysis
Spiritual identity of Old Believers of Tuva
Spiritual path and moral development
Story of a Real Man
Strengthening of the role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the socio-political life of Russian society on the example of religious discourse of Patriarch Kirill
Structuring pilgrimages: the feelings of believers and secular professionalism
The meaning and importance in the heart of religious and moral life
The meaning of the term “urafa” in Dagestan written monuments of XVIII century
The missionary activity of the Russian Orthodox Church, past and present (on the example of the Diocese of Orenburg)
The network society: representation of religion in the Internet space
The new religious consciousness in modern Russian literature of the 2000s .
The problem of dissension in the Vladimir region
The relationship of religious identification, relationship to the world and intergroup differentiation
The role of modern information resources in Orthodoxy (on materials of web-sites of dioceses of Middle Volga region)
The role of philanthropy in building churches in prisons in the Yenisei province in XIX – early XX century
The role of religion and ethnicity in the development of ethnic and religious tensions in the capital
The role of religion and the church in public life: a view of modern university students
The study of character accentuation of believing and non-believing teenagers
Thelema in Russia, examples of ritual practice
Theological analysis of the impact of media-violence on a human
Tolerance seen by the new religious movements believers
“Transerfing of reality” as an example of an esoteric teaching in the era of “fluid modernity”
Transformation of religion and the birth of the New World
Trends of monotheism in new forms of Hinduism
Typology of new religious movements: Tambov region
Upbringing children with the help of the parables
Views of observant Jews about marital relations with nonobservant Jews
Ways of improving print advertising in the socio-cultural sphere. Design and creation of a catalogue “My family – my traditions”
Youth and religion in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania

Prepared by Ksenia Medvedeva